Oxygen Light Color Design Block Library

Oxygen Builder light Color Design Block Library contains 7 blocks

  • 2 Hero Sections
  • 1 Call To Action
  • 1 Blog Section
  • 1 Tabbing Section
  • 1 Showcase Block
  • 1 Accordion Section


  • The latest version of Oxygen Builder
  • The latest version of Oxytransfer Pro(1.2.4) or Oxytransfer Free (1.2.4)
  • SVG support active (You can do that directly from the Oxytransfer Settings)
  • Make a backup before installing anything new
  • All the blocks are in 1 single block library, you could use Oxy Copy Paste Plugin to easily move them around or any other method you feel like.
  • These zips are to be imported via the import/export link from the meta box in the block library edit screen
  • Test it on staging/local

Demo of Design Sets