Oxy Transfer Pro

Use Oxy Transfer Pro to export and import Oxygen Builder’s the design sets, templates and block library.

This plugin allows you to zip up a clone of your Oxygen site (Design Sets/ Template/Block Library) to be easily imported using even the free version of the Oxy Transfer plugin.

No more hassles, you can now easily import and export from your local or staging to your production sites.

Simply download the pro version and start to import and export your design sets which you now can easily sell as well.

No more sharing your keys or anything.

On the plugin setting page just click export and that is it, you will have your zip file ready which you can import using the Oxy Transfer free version.

AND YESS!!!!  it also exports the newly introduced oxygen blocks.

AND Now, you can import/export single pages, templates, blocks individually


  • WordPress with Oxygen 2.3
  • PHP 7.0 and above
  • PHP should support ZipArchive
  • Both sites will need to have oxygen installed
  • Both sites need to have the same versions of oxygen and Oxytranfer pro
  • Its a very easy to use plugin and just with a click of a button, All the Oxygen elements are zipped into a downloadable file.
  • Have your 3rd Party Design Sets Active in the Oxygen > Library


    • The same zip file can be imported using the import functionality of Oxy Importer Pro to any Oxygen installation.
    • The free version lets you import the same zip files without any hassles.
    • It is almost like importing Oxygen demo sites, but with an added advantage that you can zip up your own design sets.
    • The possibilities are endless.
    • Always backup before doing any change
    • Make sure, that if you have exported a single page or block, then import it only into a single page/block/post/template by using the meta box on the newly created post. Do not import a singular item via the site-wide import by directly going to dashboard > Oxytransfer
    • A site-wide import will override your existing CSS
    • You will need to export your forms separately as they are not part of Oxygen
    • It exports your JS/CSS as well
    • It exports re-usable blocks
    • If you are importing pages one by one, then it’s a good idea to make it not use any template before exporting the page, if the same template already exists in the site, where you intend to import this page.
    • If you are using any 3rd party plugin you will need to install them on the site you are importing
    • Option to import/export SVG images embedded in the design, you will need to activate the option before creating your import/export by going to Oxytransfer menu
    • You will need to re-assign your menus
    • Disable all cache plugins and Oxygen CSS cache before importing

Lifetime License Agreement