Oxy Transfer Free

Use Oxy Transfer Free to import Complete Oxygen installations including the design sets. This plugin allows you to import completed Oxygen Installation using the zip files exported using the Oxy Transfer Pro version.

No more hassles, you can now easily import from your local or staging to your production sites or client sites.

You will need the Pro version to start to export your design sets.

On the plugin setting page just click export (you will need the pro version to export) and that is it, you will have your zip file ready which you can import using the Oxy Transfer free version.

You can also use the following sample zip file produced using the Oxy Transfer Pro plugin. This contains the default data set “Atomic” which you can install using the Oxy Transfer Free version. Click to Download

AND YESS!!! It also imports the newly introduced Oxygen blocks.

AND Now, you can import/export single pages, templates, blocks individually