Oxy Copy Paste

Introducing cutting edge plugin which makes life easy when copying over the site from staging or local to server, works best in a scenario where you just want to move a single block/component.

it can be from one website to another or simply from one template to another template on the same page.

You can copy Conditions, Styles or Full Element


Once you have the plugin zip, simply install add your key (if you will like future updates)
Just go to your page/template/block library section and you will notice a new button on top right called copy, simply select the whole component/block you will like to copy over to another page/ or site and click the copy button and go to the section/page/ where you will like to add.

On Mac : Cmd + V
On Windows: Control + V
Normal right-click/paste will also work.

PS: Always do a backup before installing any new plugin
The license is for unlimited installation and is a lifetime license.
If you are copying from 1 site to another you will need to re-upload images (the images don’t get exported)
Lifetime License Agreement